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Welcome to our club website




The Triangle Rvers Club is a nonprofit alliance. The club is a membership club with members paying dues, and having elected/appointed officers.  The club was founded in 1990, with the founding members living in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina which consists of these cities, Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.  Membership is  open to any race, sex, religion or national origin. The Triangle Rvers of the Eastern Region is a charter member (#17) of the National African American Recreational Vehicle Association (NAARVA).


Mission Statement


  1. To bring recreational vehicle owners together.

  2. To promote wholesome fellowship, fun and recreation.

  3. To unite as one and to share camping experiences.

  4. To enhance the family oriented aspect of respect and friendship.


Code Of Ethics


Members will obey campground rules and regulations where ever Triangle Rvers camp rallies are being held.

Members will refrain from public consumption of alcoholic beverages and will not engage in the use of illegal drugs.

Members will engage in and encourage activities and behaviors which promote and protect the safety of all camp rally attendees.

Members will conduct themselves at all times and in such ways as to promote and exemplify the purpose of the Triangle RVers; family camping; ecological awareness; and participation in recreational activities.

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